The last time the lights dimmed…

Today marks one year to the day since I last set foot in a cinema – at a great venue for a double-bill of Robocop and Assault on Precinct 13.

One of the things I’m looking forward to doing once All This is properly on the wane, is sitting down in a massive dark room and enjoying a good film on a big screen – and if you’re on this site, I suspect you feel the same.

There’s something about sitting in a cavernous, dark room gazing at images on an enormous screen that just can’t be replicated at home, however much you spend on your home entertainment system.

Even in the most mainstream multiplexes, when the auditorium never really gets dark and visitors can’t leave their phones alone for two minutes, there’s something about the shared experience of cinema that I’ve missed almost as much as hugging my relatives and having drinks with friends.

That being said, I’m pretty sure that as soon as I finally make use of the Everyman vouchers which have been burning a hole in my pocket since my birthday last year, I’m going to be hoping beyond hope there’ll be nobody else in the screening or at least nobody sitting nearby.

I missed Tenet on the big screen, I’m looking forward to seeing Daniel Craig’s Bond swansong in No Time To Die, and I can’t wait to get back to the Abbeydale Picture House, Cottage Road Cinema , Hyde Park Picture House or an Everyman once it’s safe.

Have you got a film, venue, snack or drink already in mind for once All This is over? Get in touch on Twitter, Facebook or through the site and let’s geek out together in anticipation.

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  1. I can’t wait to go back. I visited the local Vue three times after Lockdown I, to watch The New Mutants, Bill & Ted Face the Music, and Saint Maud. Can’t say I was a huge fan of wearing a mask through the screenings, but was happy to do so to a.) stay safe and b.) get back to the cinema!
    I wanted to watch Wonder Woman 1984 on the big screen and was looking forward to seeing Godzilla vs Kong at the cinema too, but as that won’t happen, I will be happy to watch whatever is playing in May.
    Watching movies at home is great, and I genuinely believe the future of the movie industry is a simultaneous streaming/big screen release, but boy, I have missed going to the cinema.

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    1. I think you’re right on the money there. I was *this* close to seeing Tenet, but – for want of a better term – bottled it because as much as I wanted to be in that environment again, I wasn’t comfortable with it. However things end up in the future – and you’re right, there’s bound to be a shift in release methods – I’ll do what I can to support the venues and industry I love but suspect the first few visits will be very nervy.

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      1. Totally get the nerves, and I was like that on my first visit back, but with visit two and three it was fine. The right time to go back is when YOU feel comfortable. Personally, I’ll be back as soon as the doors to my local cinema reopen.

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      2. Well I AM known to procrastinate and over-think things! Genuinely looking forward to cinemas as much as beer gardens – more so now, with the weather, but you get what I mean.

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