A little Brucie Bonus…

Just for fun, I thought it would be good to have all four films from The Bruce Campbell Collection together in one place, with easy links to each for any Campbell fans reading.

As an extra bonus, I’ve tried to sum each film up in 10 words or less which was actually more challenging than banging on about them for a thousand words.

My Name Is Bruce

The 10-word review: Jackass actor is mistaken for hero, fights bean curd god.

Click here for the Late Review

Bubba Ho-Tep

The 10-word review: Elderly Elvis and JFK take on a mummy and mortality.

Click here for the Late Review

Alien Apocalypse

The 10-word review: Space chiropractor reluctantly leads human rebellion against massive alien ants.

Click here for the Late Review

Man With The Screaming Brain

The 10-word review: Resurrected arsehole tours Bulgaria while robot wife targets his killer.

Click here for the Late Review

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