Late Reviewer’s Frankenstein Sequel Roundup

As with the Bruce Campbell box set I’ve watched so you don’t have to (that’s unfair, one of those films is objectively brilliant), I thought it would be a bit of fun to have all the Frankenstein franchise Late Reviews in one place with easy links to the individual films.

I’ve also tried to sum each of them up in a sentence too, but included links to each full review which will give you much more info on the films.

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Putting The Multiplex In A Suplex: Good, Bad & Ridiculous Wrestlers In Movies

A Special Feature by Dom Smith.

Wrestling is a funny thing. It’s a soap opera, and it translates very well on to the big screen… mostly. What I wanted to do here was to discuss how some wrestlers have made the transition to film, and how it went.

But I also want to discuss, in brief what watching wrestling has meant to me – escapism. Wrestling, or Sports Entertainment as it is most commonly referred to now, is an ultimate form of escape. It is theatre, and it is film, compacted into a few hours of television each week, telling stories of heroes and villains.

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A few thoughts on The Film With No Name

Bit of an unusual piece, this one, as it’s not exactly a review or a feature, rather it’s a little look at an upcoming project I was lucky enough to see recently – The Film With No Name.

Now, as the film is still a work in progress (it was shown with rough VFX, a temp score and in need of ADR in places), I’m obviously going to stay as spoiler-free as possible while going into a little detail about the story and hopefully leaving you curious to see it yourself.

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An Unkindness Of Ravens – Never Say Nevermore Again

A Special Feature by Dan Bean.

Whether you know much about Edgar Allan Poe’s work or not, there’s a decent chance you’re familiar with his poem The Raven – it was adapted in one of The Simpsons’ earliest Treehouse Of Horror episodes, and I reckon if anyone asked you to finish the line “Quoth the raven…”, you’d respond “Nevermore”… right?

But how do you adapt a poem about a man being distracted from his reading and mourning of his dead wife by a crow into a feature film? The answer is – you don’t.

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