Superheroes For Super Hire: Fandom, Ownership & Knowing When To Pass It On

A Special Feature by Carl Wilson

Are We In A Crisis Event?

You know that bit in every Batman film where Bruce Wayne goes inwardly moody and retires, before inevitably emerging from his cavernous chrysalis like a fabulous, black peacock?

It’s basically one of your classic Crisis events, and while anyone interested in the future of superheroes might not yet have realised it, we are currently living through that moment…

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Special Features: An Introduction & Invitation

Anyone who has ever bought a DVD or Blu Ray knows that sometimes the best stuff on the disc might not be the main feature, but some of the deeper-dive material on disc two (long live physical media!).

Here at Late Reviewer, the new Special Features are pieces written by friends and followers about films, themes, characters, performers… whatever they want to write about, really.

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