Your thoughts on the films that outshine their sources

It’s been quite a day for Late Reviewer, with an incredible response to our social media experiment – thanks so much to everyone who took part!

Following our Quick Read on movie adaptations that improved on their source novels, we took to Twitter to ask anyone who felt like taking part which films they’d add to the list.

The suggestions are below and in no particular order, but if nothing else, maybe they’ll help steer you towards some reading or viewing in future.

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What makes a great film documentary?

Whether you consider the final product a masterpiece, or a piece of… something you’d scrape off your shoe, one thing it’s important to remember is this – filmmaking is a difficult, stressful and all-consuming endeavour, and the best filmmaking documentaries don’t shy away from showing that.

With that in mind, here are a few points as to what we at Late Reviews want to see in a good filmmaking documentary.

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