A Look Back At The 40×40 Challenge

This site started as a way for me to channel my anxieties into something creative in the early days of the pandemic, and as I said at the launch of 40×40, I’ve often struggled to find time to sit down and watch, make notes and write about films that, frankly, often have very limited appeal.

However, I thought giving myself a deadline and setting an actual challenge to really make an effort and clear some space from the Late Reviews shelf would be a great motivator, so 40×40 was born.

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An Unkindness Of Ravens – Never Say Nevermore Again

A Special Feature by Dan Bean.

Whether you know much about Edgar Allan Poe’s work or not, there’s a decent chance you’re familiar with his poem The Raven – it was adapted in one of The Simpsons’ earliest Treehouse Of Horror episodes, and I reckon if anyone asked you to finish the line “Quoth the raven…”, you’d respond “Nevermore”… right?

But how do you adapt a poem about a man being distracted from his reading and mourning of his dead wife by a crow into a feature film? The answer is – you don’t.

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