By The Decade: Eight great films from the 80s

Here we go with another By The Decade post to help broaden my cinematic horizons and welcome your recommendations from a specific era – and this one is sure to pull together a decent list!

Following the previous 3 From The 30s4 From The 40s5 From The 50s, 6 From The 60s and 7 From The 70s posts, and the brilliant suggestions from readers for their favourite films from the 1930sthe 1940sthe 1950sthe 1960s and the 1970s, there are loads of great suggestions for you to check out too in the By The Decades section.

Now I was worried that my 1970s choices were pretty mainstream, and I think that’s going to be a concern this week too. Not to say there’s anything wrong with mainstream – watch what you want to watch, people! – and there were plenty of hidden gems that decade too, these just happen to be the ones that I either revisit most often, or feel strongly about.

Oh, and I’m aware there are some Amblin-shaped gaps in my choices, but that’s mainly because I’m absolutely certain they’ll be filled by other people!

As ever, I’ll add the reader recommendations later, but for now, here are my eight from the eighties…

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“It belongs in a museum (not a charity shop)!”

While I haven’t been able to make it into a beer garden since restrictions were lifted in England, I have been able to pick up some wonderful geeky purchases from second-hand and charity shops – each of them something I’ll enjoy longer than an outdoor pint in subzero temperatures.

The BFI Classics book on Withnail & I (£2.99), was great, and lasted a couple of lazy weekend coffees, and I’m looking forward to carving out 95 minutes to watch the 1978 remake of The Big Sleep, which stars Robert Mitchum, Oliver Reed, James Stewart and Joan Collins and cost just 99p.

But my favourite so far is a hardback copy of the 1981 Marvel adaptation of Raiders Of The Lost Ark (£1.99), which I picked up just a couple of days after writing about the latest developments on Indy 5, and devoured over a coffee that same day.

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