By The Decade: Your Favourite 70s Films

I mentioned in my original piece for this week’s By The Decade that I struggled to whittle down my choices to just seven, and from the replies on Twitter, I’m really glad to see I wasn’t the only one!

There’s been a really outstanding response to #7FromThe70s, with some really great suggestions from a great cinematic decade, and from a few newcomers too, which is always nice.

Thanks so much to everyone who offered up their favourite films from the seventies, and the full list is below…

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Your top (non-football) sports films

Back at the beginning of the Euro 2020 tournament, I posted a few of my favourite non-football related sport films for anyone who’d rather watch a film than a match.

I’ve continued to tweet it throughout the tournament as Gareth Southgate’s team has done more to unite the country than anyone else in recent memory, with responses coming in over the weeks.

Whether we win or lose the final, it’s been a great ride, and we’ll be without international football for a while – so what better time to collate the results and give us something to watch once the final whistle blows?

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3 sporting films to watch if you’re avoiding the football

It might have come to your attention that there’s a bit of football on at the minute, but if you prefer your sports to be scripted, what are some alternatives to the Euros?

There’s no Escape To Victory, Rocky or Chariots Of Fire here – though all are fine films, here are three fairly recent options for anyone who’s not that into the footie.

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