3 sporting films to watch if you’re avoiding the football

It might have come to your attention that there’s a bit of football on at the minute, but if you prefer your sports to be scripted, what are some alternatives to the Euros?

There’s no Escape To Victory, Rocky or Chariots Of Fire here – though all are fine films, here are three fairly recent options for anyone who’s not that into the footie.

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James Bond will return… and so will the inevitable speculation

It feels like we’ve been waiting an age to see 007 again, but eager as we are to see No Time To Die, there seems to be a huge swathe of the internet and British press determined to skip over Daniel Craig’s swansong completely and get straight to the speculation about who’s going to take his place.

Of course, there’s a place for that, but taking a look at social media or listening to the radio today, it seems the discussions have again been overtaken by lazy, ugly discourse which – frankly – isn’t helpful, entertaining or shining a positive light on some of those taking part.

Adopts Desmond Llewellyn voice

“Oh, grow up 007 ‘fans’.”

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